Our Staff

Lindsey, Grizz Rain 5-13

Lindsey, Grizz, Rain staffing NCWHS spring 2013



2018 NCWHS Crew! Lindsey, Kody, Dixie, Lisa, Taya, Jen, Laura, Dana, Shannon

Greta (Grizz) de la Montagne -MASHH Clinic Founder – Registered Herbalist (AHG), Bodyworker, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Street and Forest Medic, Educator. WFR, EMT-trained.  Proprietress- Gentle Strength Botanicals and Massage Therapy.  gentlestrengthbotanicals.wordpress.com

Selena Rowan – Clinical Herbalist, Ayurvedic Herbalist and Lifestyle Counselor, B.S. in Applied Botany, WFR, plant lover – Arcata, CA  http://araliacalifornica.wordpress.com

Laurel Peña– Clinical Herbalist, Primary Instructor-Wild River Medical Training, Wilderness EMT, soon-to-be Paramedic.

Lindsey Burnell Cutler- Clinical Herbalist, Stargazer, Climber, NCWHS Wellness Center staff coordinator, soon-to-be Veterinarian.  Sebastopol, CA.

Kara Sigler- Clinical Herbalist, Instructor at Ohlone Herbal Center. WFR,  Bodywork, Nutritional Consulting, Emotional & Energetic counseling.  Proprietor, Herban Elixirs.   www.sfherbalist.com

Dixie Pauline- Clinical herbalist(RhAHG), grassroots organizer, wilderness first responder, educator. grassrootsapothecary.org

frieda kipar bay– herbalist, mother, medicine maker, plant cultivator, closet seaweed harvester.  find her medicine at www.taprootmedicine.org.

Tanya Stiller– Herbalist, Nutritionist & Educator. Permaculture Design, Ethnobotany, Homesteading.  Garden Educator at Edible Schoolyard in  Berkeley.  Proprietress-Pixie Plants

Lisa Sanderson-Fox-  LM, CPM- Clinical Herbalist, Well Woman Care Provider, Midwife, Wilderness First Responder, Wildcrafter and Medicine Maker.

Jen Bredesen- Clinical Herbalist, Educator.

Rain E. Day- Clinical Herbalist, Bodyworker, Seaweed Wildcrafter,  Wilderness First Responder (WFR), Tibetan Mantra Healing. NCWHS staffer.  Raindrop Remedies.