Guideline Number Four: Remember who you really are.

Remember that you are borne by and carried and supported and informed and acted through that which you are protecting, the living earth.  The notion that you are a separate self working to save the world, no matter how noble or heroic or saintly it may be, will ultimately burn you out.  Allow that shift in your identity that opens you to the feeling of being acted through.  As John Seed said, “I am not John Seed protecting the rainforest so much as the rainforest, recently emerged into human thinking, protecting itself.”  When you break through to that kind of awareness you can go on tirelessly.


Wilderness First Responder Certification Course

MASHH and Wild River Medical Training held a very successful 80-hour+ Wilderness First Responder certification course aimed at herbalists, homesteaders, community members, activist medics and wilderness enthusiasts in early June 2013.  Our next WFR cert course will be held in 2015 during a different time of year and possibly at a different location to accomodate the needs of other communities in the Shasta bioregion.   We hope to offer several 4-day Wilderness First Aid courses before then.  If you’d like to be informed of our upcoming trainings, please email us at and ask to be put on our trainings list.

Rehydration Blend

Rehydration blend – for 5 gallons:
4 c lemon juice
4 cup hydration tea
1 cup aloe juice
1/4 c sea salt
1 c honey or sugar
2 ml neutralizing cordial
Hydration tea:
1 part each hibiscus, tulsi, peppermint, lemon balm, 1/4 part lavender.
ice is not essential but helps keep it from spoiling in very hot temps over the course of multiple days.

Medieval Festival of Courage

Hello all! Look for us at the Medieval Festival of Courage out in Blue Lake, CA the weekend of October 8th and 9th, 2011.

Northwest Herbal Fair

We got back from the Northwest Herbal Fair a few weeks ago and we wanted to share some pictures from the event. It was the first time the fair was held in five years, and we had fun establishing the clinic as a new and lasting cornerstone for the fair.

Welcome to our new website

Hello All! Welcome to our new website, which is still under construction. Updates soon!