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4 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Hey everyone!
    Got your info from a friend with Rukus, Sharon. My wfr expiered 2 yrs ago, a currently have a WFA. I need to re-cert, was wondering if you all have any scholarships available or work trades? I’m under employed at the moment and am trying to get re-certed in time for summer trips with Outward Bound Adventures. A different crew then the OB national group. We are all volunteers outta LA, working with qpoc/urban/group home/incarcerated youth. I am especially curious about the herbal first aid component.



    • Aralia californica

      Hello Fr@nkie, please give us an email at regarding this topic. At this point we don’t have any scholarships or worktrade spots available, but that could change depending on how many people sign up for the course. If you email us, we can send you the registration form, so that we have your information in case anything changes. We appreciate the work you do and hope you end up being able to join us in June. Thanks, Selena with MASHH

  2. Where can I find a blood root plant, not to far from Weaverville, CA? I’m also looking for someone who really knows how to treatl skin cancer, or knows about herbs that help skin heal. I make herbal salves but someone might have more knowledge about external, herbal healing. Thanks Donna

    • Hi Donna, it’s possible that Crimson Sage Nursery has what you’re looking for, in Orleans. This is Greta responding to your inquiry, I have a private practice in Arcata, but also do phone consultations for a modest fee, I have some experience with skin issues. Also try the Dhyana Center in Sebastopol.
      Greta (707-834-0617)

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